Das ist unser Motto

Beginning of the debt settlement process

If you have decided on our offer of assistance, you only have to send us all the existing documents of your creditors and send us all the creditor mail that arrives after the beginning of the consultation with you. Authorized by you, we will carry out the correspondence with the creditors, so that your mailbox will soon become considerably emptier.      

 Rest of the procedure  

In the course of the debt settlement process, you keep making appointments in your debt counseling service to sign your own correspondence with creditors or, if necessary, the court. In these appointments also possible questions or problems can be clarified. If you have any questions between these times, you can call us at the office of your local office during business hours. You will then always have a short notice telephone or personal appointment to clarify your questions.  We are always there for you!!! 

Payment according to procedural progress

 The fee agreed with your debt counselor need not be paid in one sum. Your debtor advisor will agree with you on installment payments that are based on your options and procedural progress.