Das ist unser Motto

Due to the current corona situation, we also offer consultation appointments via video conference.
Please indicate this when making an appointment by phone or select video conferencing on  online appointment.

How do I become debt free?

At the beginning of your path to debt freedom is an intense conversation about your needs. The focus is on the understandable explanation of our methodical work. This is done exclusively in person, so that you can get to know your debt counselor and he can get an overview of your personal and financial situation.

Only then can the start of a trusting cooperation with your debt counselor be made and the successful debt settlement succeed. This initial consultation is free of charge for you and absolutely not binding.

We are here for you! We personally and individually take care of your financial and personal problems!!!

Appointments without waiting!   

"Time is money" - this is true in the debt in the truest sense of the word. In every week that goes by without tackling the mountain of debt, the debts increase through more and more costs and interest and the actual debt is little or no less. That's why you get your appointments with us without waiting.  It goes without saying that we are most discreet in everything you entrust to us.  eginning of the debt settlement process